Thursday, 11 October 2012

:: lovE hL0vAte ::


this entry is special to appreciate hlovate masterpieces.. 
i'm start to like her story when i was form 4..someone told me about online novels..
she told me about aA+bB and Tunas..
the story is awesome!! well, maybe my  friend have a talent as a story teller..^^
from that moment, i'm start collecting hlovate masterpieces... 
to hlovate..
with ALONG&ANA:i learnt the meaning of love..
with JU'A&ABG SHAH:i learnt the meaning of family..
with ADDIN&BENZ:i learnt the meaning of memories and feelings..
with TUNAS:i learnt the meaning friendship and 'madness'..
with JADE&TRISY:i learnt the meaning of life and 'freedom'..
with KED&NAJWA:i learnt the meaning of relationship..
with AO&MINN:i learnt the meaning of distance and 'togetherness'
with FEND,CHAD&K2:i learnt the meaning of changes..
with HLOVATE:i learnt about LIFE..for TODAY and HEREAFTER..
thanks ALLAH for HIS gift to you..
thanks YOU for your best masterpiece and sharing..
here's a video..i had download it from hlovate's facebook..someone post..then found it at youtube..dont forget to watch it! 

i'm not superb in english, please correct me if i'm wrong..^^..

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